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Sliding wardrobe doors made to measure can give you more space in a small room.

We all know the benefits that bespoke sliding wardrobe doors can bring to your home, such as more storage space, style, and helping to make use of the limited space you may have in your room; it's equally as important to consider other factors from a practical point of view before making the decision to purchase.

Wardrobe design

The actual design of your wardrobe will play an integral part in the type of bespoke sliding wardrobe doors you choose to have fitted.

Westside Sliding Door Wardrobes (with 5 panels per door).

There are eight different widths, from 150 to 400cm and including two, three or four doors.

Door finishes in glass white, black, brown or magnolia, or choose dark or light rustic oak.

A popular choice for a lot of people is mirrored doors, allowing the wardrobe door to double as a full-length mirror, which is ideal if you're rather limited when it comes to space in your room.

Mirrored doors such as these tend to work perfectly, regardless of the style you've implemented elsewhere throughout the room, but when you choose to go down a different path you may want to consider what will fit well with the rest of your room decor.

Kentucky 3 Door Sliding Wardrobes

Doors are available in solid oak, alpine white or white glass. Carcase colour is available in alpine white. Passe-partout surround frames, with or without lights, can be added to all wardrobes.

There are two height options, either 217cm or 236cm. There are two height options, either 217cm or 236cm.

Bespoke sliding wardrobe doors come in a variety of colours and with added panel styles, so choose carefully before making your final decision.

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