Invest in a Sofa Bed: The Amy or Reims

A sofa bed is often a practical addition to living spaces, offering a comfortable place for impromptu guests to sleep. Furthermore, it takes up less space than a guest room and offers more comfort than an inflatable bed.

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The Amy sofa bed features a unique action where the cushions are fixed to the mechanism which allows the conversion from Sofa to Sofa Bed in as little as six seconds.

This stylish sofa comes complete with sprung interior mattress as standard and is available in an array of beautiful fabrics.

This sofa bed is a must have for your home.

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The Reims Sofa bed is stylish and so simple to convert from sofa to bed and back again.

The Reims sofa bed incorporates a tailored cover and deluxe foam mattress that unfolds into a supremely comfortable double bed.

Available in a selection of stunning fabrics.

Available in three sizes 80, 120, or 140cm. Choose from a wide selection of fabrics.

Posted by Heather Dixie
29th September 2021

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