Invictus LVT

Your Invictus luxury vinyl floor will be a striking style feature in your home. Choose from a large variety of designs from extremely authentic natural looking wood planks and realistic stone look tiles, or make a bold statement with an intricate pattern.

With its ultra strong coating and highly effcient top layer, Invictus luxury vinyl flooring offers outperforming wear protection. The Scratchmaster top layer will make your floor withstand a busy family life with kids and pets. 

  • Invictus luxury vinyl flooring comes with a 20 year residential and 10 year commercial warranty.
  • Its waterproof feature means it is perfectly suited for your bathroom, kitchen and hall, amongst others.
  • Caring for your flooring is easy. A damp mop will do, and for daily maintenance, the Invictus Starter Pack contains all you need.
  • A family's best companion. It's hygienic, wear-,scratch-, and stain-resistant and requires little maintenance.
  • Invictus luxury vinyl flooring is the pet friendly flooring par excellence, operating as a barrier against stains and fine scratches from our furry friends.
  • Invictus luxury vinyl flooring and underfloor heating go together well. With the right installing guidelines, you’ll be enjoying a warm feel underfoot in no time.
  • Whether on socks or in shoes, you will always walk silently on an Invictus luxury vinyl floor. It indeed is incredibly silent underfoot.
  • Invictus luxury vinyl flooring products are 100% recyclable and reusable.

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