Van Gogh

The Van Gogh collection captures the feel of real timber in a variety of colours and designs from traditional rustic to cool contemporary. Distinctive grain details and a subtle texture in large planks (48" x 7") create a look that works in almost any space.

A recent refresh introduced contemporary grey wood, white-washed wood and distressed oak wood floor effects.

Residential Guarantee: The Van Gogh range has a lifetime residential guarantee.

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VG5-7 Burnt GingerVG5-7 Burnt Ginger
VG5-7 Burnt Ginger
    The warm red hues of Burnt Ginger combine with the traditional distressed timber effect that made the original 48" long Van Gogh planks so popular.
VGW100T Aged RedwoodVGW100T Aged Redwood
VGW100T Aged Redwood
    Our Aged Redwood planks boast striking weathered and distressed visuals. With a blend of silver and charcoal grey tones, its striking rustic design works well for interiors which feature an industrial influence.

VGW102T Charred OakVGW102T Charred Oak
VGW102T Charred Oak
    Meticulously replicating the distinctive look of smoked oak, the Charred Oak planks radiate bold warmth with striking visuals. With dark, golden amber tones and dusky charcoal brown characteristics, this wood effect design bring character to modern spaces.
VGW107T Blush OakVGW107T Blush Oak
VGW107T Blush Oak
    A beautiful pale French oak design with gentle pink undertones and a subtle flowery grain, Blush Oak is a delightful addition to the Van Gogh range. A classic design in an attractive contemporary shade, Blush Oak is an ideal choice for bright interiors with a neutral or pastel colour scheme. The large 1219mm x 178mm / 48" x 7" planks have a micro bevel which enhances the varied grain detail and the overall character of the design.

VGW110T Greige OakVGW110T Greige Oak
VGW110T Greige Oak
    Greige Oak combines the beauty of a classic French oak design with a palette that is suited to a wide range of interiors, meaning it provides the perfect look for those wanting a traditional wood in an on-trend shade. With its beige-grey tones and subtle flowery grain, Greige Oak is an incredibly flexible flooring choice as it is equally suited to both traditional and modern interiors. Whether your style is rustic beams and exposed brickwork or clean lines and a monochrome colour scheme, Greige Oak is a design that will complement your look.
VGW111T Light Distressed OakVGW111T Light Distressed Oak
VGW111T Light Distressed Oak
    The addition of Light Distressed Oak to the Van Gogh range means that a shabby-country style can now be created in a lighter shade. Because of its rustic feel but contemporary palette, this attractive naturally weathered design in a light silvery grey, is as well-placed in a traditional styled home as a modern one.

VGW112T Misty Grey OakVGW112T Misty Grey Oak
VGW112T Misty Grey Oak
    The introduction of the understated Misty Grey Oak, a warm grey oak design with subtle muted tones of dove/smoky grey, gives homeowners increased choice when looked for contemporary neutral flooring designs. Complement the warmer hues in the floor with furniture and décor that have pinky undertones or contrast with cooler blue shades.
VGW113T Cool Grey OakVGW113T Cool Grey Oak
VGW113T Cool Grey Oak
    As its name suggests, Cool Grey Oak is an understated wood floor design with soft, cool blue-grey undertones and a classic oak appearance. Perfectly designed to suit current home interior trends for neutral, simplistic styling, Cool Grey Oak has predominately linear grain detail and provides the ideal canvas for any modern interior. Keep a neutral feel to your home or contrast with strong shades such as charcoal black, French navy or seal grey. A splash of colour can lift a narrow space or one that has limited natural light availability.

VGW115T Natural Prime OakVGW115T Natural Prime Oak
VGW115T Natural Prime Oak
    A classic light oak design, Natural Prime Oak’s uniform colour and style make it an ideal base for homeowners wanting to draw attention to other aspects of their interior. The neutral appearance of the floor, with its light sandy tones and soft grain detail provides the opportunity for some really bold interior styling – statement furniture and bright colour schemes won’t look out of place with this floor design.
VGW120T Grey Brushed OakVGW120T Grey Brushed Oak
VGW120T Grey Brushed Oak
    A delightful mix of flowery grain and linear features, the surface of these oak boards was hand brushed to expose specific characteristics from within – creating a textured appearance on the plank face. The on-trend colour was developed via various staining methods to dampen the hues and neutralise the final look. After revealing such a beautiful grain structure, a brand new emboss was specifically crafted to precisely recreate the original brushed plank faces.

VGW121T Warm Brushed OakVGW121T Warm Brushed Oak
VGW121T Warm Brushed Oak
    Warm Brushed Oak is an attractive European oak design chosen for its delicate balance of long straight grain and beautiful ‘flowery’ grain. Its subtle texture, golden sand colouring and overall unassuming appearance make it suitable for a wide range of traditional and modern interiors.
VGW122T Golden Brushed OakVGW122T Golden Brushed Oak
VGW122T Golden Brushed Oak
    Golden Brushed Oak is an attractive European oak design chosen for its delicate balance of long straight grain and beautiful ‘flowery’ grain. Its warm, honeyed tones and subtle tonal variation introduce a contemporary flavour to a classic oak look.

VGW123T Salvaged BarnwoodVGW123T Salvaged Barnwood
VGW123T Salvaged Barnwood
    Salvaged Barnwood incorporates a range of features throughout the floor, from its unique saw marks to rustic stress fractures. This deep reclaimed wood has hues alternating between warm to dark as a result of its weathering as beams, joists and walling of old American barns.
VGW124T Shadow OakVGW124T Shadow Oak
VGW124T Shadow Oak
    Sourced from ancient British woodland, Shadow Oak is a characterful design with subtle shadowed cross-sawn markings and a muted, weathered appearance. It is a contemporary light blue-grey colour and has an even tone providing a neutral palette on which to base the rest of your home interior décor.

VGW125T Nimbus OakVGW125T Nimbus Oak
VGW125T Nimbus Oak
    Nimbus Oak is a popular European oak design, loved for its natural characteristics such as tight grain and subtle dehydration marks. Its neutral, even colouring in a contemporary warm grey makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of traditional and modern interiors.
VGW52T Auckland OakVGW52T Auckland Oak
VGW52T Auckland Oak
    Auckland Oak from our Van Gogh woodplank collection has a classic honey oak colour with distinctive authentic knot details for a classic and versatile oak look.

VGW53T Wellington OakVGW53T Wellington Oak
VGW53T Wellington Oak
    Wellington Oak couples the distinctive knot details of  our Van Gogh range of oak effects, with a warmer mid brown for a neutral, classic backdrop to any room. The larger planks create a sense of space whilst the rich tones ensure your room remains welcoming and homely.
VGW70T Smoked OakVGW70T Smoked Oak
VGW70T Smoked Oak
    Smoked Oak from our large plank Van Gogh collection brings a subtle smokey hue to its varied mix of warm and nut brown tones. As with all of the oak effect Van Gogh designs, Karndean have carefully recreated the natural grains and knots of a classic oak look.

VGW80T White Washed OakVGW80T White Washed Oak
VGW80T White Washed Oak
    Create a contemporary, elegant space with the soft white stylings of White Washed Oak from the Van Gogh timber collection. Delicate oak grains coupled with the cool chalky washed finish give you a striking and versatile backdrop to suit your room style.
VGW81T Country OakVGW81T Country Oak
VGW81T Country Oak
    Country Oak from the Van Gogh wood collection gives you the authentic rustic appearance of unfinished timbers, with none of the practical difficulties of waxing, sanding or porosity of real unfinish oak timbers. A gentle cool mid-brown coupled with faithfully recreated oak grain makes for an attractive, traditional look.

VGW82T Distressed OakVGW82T Distressed Oak
VGW82T Distressed Oak
    Similar to the Country Oak effect in colour and tone, Distressed Oak has a more pronounced grain with greater knot and line details in its design. Again, an authentic rustic finish with none of the drawbacks of real timber make for a great traditional style that works across a range of spaces.
VGW83T Frosted BirchVGW83T Frosted Birch
VGW83T Frosted Birch
    Frosted Birch from the Van Gogh wood collection combines a gentle, soft timber grain effect with a cool grey-brown tone. This creates a versatile subtle overall appearance that works well with any style or space.

VGW84T BirchVGW84T Birch
VGW84T Birch
    For a more traditional Birch appearance in the natural pale honey tones of the wood that inspired it, consider our gentle Van Gogh Birch plank. Unlike a real timber Designflooring requires only very simple maintenance, enabling you to create an authentic real wood style with none of the practical drawbacks.
VGW85T French OakVGW85T French Oak
VGW85T French Oak
    French Oak from the Van Gogh collection has the attractive knot and grain details of a traditional oak timber, in a subtly variable light blond tone. Gentle enough in design to work throughout an open-plan space, but with the flexibility to play with different angles and border details to create definition.

VGW86T Classic OakVGW86T Classic Oak
VGW86T Classic Oak
    For a really classic oak timber look to your space, but with none of the challenges of maintaining an oak timber floor, look no further than the Classic Oak Van Gogh Designflooring plank. The traditional oak grain has a rich mix of warm, variable tones for a really authentic traditional look.
VGW87T WalnutVGW87T Walnut
VGW87T Walnut
    Walnut from the Van Gogh wood collection combines a really striking linear grain with variable chocolate and warm mid brown tones. Consider a keyline border in a darker chocolate tone for a really striking finishing touch to your space.

VGW89T EbonyVGW89T Ebony
VGW89T Ebony
    For a striking, contemporary look consider Ebony Van Gogh wood plank. Varying charcoal blacks and greys through a subtle linear greys makes for a really distinctive look for your space.
VGW93T Hessian OakVGW93T Hessian Oak
VGW93T Hessian Oak
    The lime washed appearance of Hessian Oak makes it a versatile and neutral plank, as such it’s a perfect choice for a range of living spaces and interior styles.

VGW94T Honey OakVGW94T Honey Oak
VGW94T Honey Oak
    Honey Oak offers the look of reclaimed timber in a light golden brown tone. With delicate hints of pale ash, coupled with its striking grain details, this wood design is an ideal choice for more contemporary spaces.
VGW99T Reclaimed RedwoodVGW99T Reclaimed Redwood
VGW99T Reclaimed Redwood
    With every knot and grain detail being meticulously recreated, Reclaimed Redwood boasts a strikingly authentic timber look. The linear light grey characteristics, paired with mid-brown undertones, create a truly individual look.