Commercial Flooring Guide

Queenstreet is renowned for the provision of quality hard wearing flooring solutions to a broad range of commercial businesses and services throughout the south west. Whether you are a hotel; pub; holiday park; school; office; golf club or any other commercial business then we can provide a complete flooring service to fit your requirements.

You may be looking for a hard wearing carpet or perhaps an easy to clean safety flooring for your working space. Queenstreet can satisfy all of your requirements and offer the complete service from measuring, supplying of carpet samples to your place of work and final installation.

We understand that flooring is usually the last job to be completed during a refurbishment programme and are experienced in helping to time the installation with other trades as they reach completion.


Types of commercial flooring


Vinyl safety flooring

Some environments demand safety flooring to prevent slips and to comply with the law which states walking surfaces must be safe.

We are suppliers of safety floor coverings for hospitals, dentists, kitchen and toilet areas, changing rooms and other commercial institutions as well as doctor and veterinary surgeries where safety flooring and hygiene is imperative.

There is now a wide range of safety flooring products, designs and colours available to tone in with the accompanying decor.

Safety floor coverings are non slip and hard wearing, and in many cases, waterproof and stain resistant and able to withstand heavy foot and wheeled traffic.

Brands include Altro & Polyflor.


Contract carpet & carpet tiles

We have a vast range of cut pile and loop pile carpet ranges which combine functionality with style, flare and originality complimented by a palette of vibrant shades, suitable for any application within the commercial environment.

These carpet ranges have been designed to give high performance and durability whilst offering outstanding value for money. Some ranges are particularly good at offering sound, bleach and stain absorbency.

These carpets can be supplied as cut lengths or as a tile, whichever suits your requirements

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